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Two Locations
Capitol Hill
405 8th Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002
Phone: 202-544-5439
Fax: 202-379-1797

Arlington (shared office with Playworks Speech Therapy)
3508 Lee Hwy
(side entrance N Lincoln St.)
Arlington, VA. 22207
Phone: 703-243-4601
Fax: 202-379-1797

Recently ranked as one of the TOP 50 PEDIATRIC OT BLOGS for OTs, Parents, and Teachers (December 2017) by FEEDSPOT

Top 10 Occupational Therapy Clinics in Washington, DC 2015

A Washington Occupational Therapist winner of the 2015 Patients’ Choice Awards.
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We work with children who have motor skill delays (visual, fine, and gross motor), hypotonia, dyspraxia, sensory processing disorders, attention deficit disorders, autism spectrum disorder, feeding difficulties, and trouble with social and play skills. In addition to private therapy, we also provide school-based services to many DC Charter Schools through End-to-End Solutions for Special Education.
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Hello Families,

Skills on the Hill offices will be closed today, March 21, 2018 (Wednesday).

Stay warm and drive carefully!

- Kristen
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"How would you describe your child's behavior as parents?". This is quite a compelling question that could surely generate typical, if not distinct, responses. Some parents might say, "My kid is active, playful, just like a normal child". Others would comment, "Mine is unusually quiet most of the times and prefers to be alone". "I do not understand my child's behavior. One minute he/she is okay, then after a while he/she displays odd behaviors", is another kind of remark. Some are confident in stating, "As long as my kid is not hurting himself/herself or others, I think it's fine". Truthfully, parents often wonder whether or not their child's behavior is typical, normal, different, strange, or extreme. While there are parents who could easily decipher the thoughts and feelings of their young ones, still there are those who just could not get it.

Here's a basic illustration of probable instigators of a child's behavior. It teaches us to dig deeper and probe closely the causes of a child's behavior patterns. Remember that true behavior could be different from what our physical eyes could recognize...

- Kristen
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When faced with our child's challenging behaviors we have two choices. We can view them through the lens of our own emotional reactivity, unconscious triggers, and negative bias/assumptions... *OR*...we can try our best to keep those things in check in order to best support our child (and save our sanity) by meeting the need that's driving the behavior.

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Child Centered
We work closely with families using a team approach so that skills and progress can be generalized across environments. Our therapists aim at using a child-directed approach in treatment to enable maximum motivation and effort from the child.
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We provide private therapy in our clinic for infants through middle school age children. We also provide school-based therapy at several DC Charter schools for children from preschool through high school. Activities are presented at the "just right challenge" and the level of difficulty is gradually increased as progress is made so that the child sees therapy as play instead of work.