Meet Our Staff

Our occupational therapists go through a thorough interview process, background and reference check, and job shadow other therapists prior to employment.  All new and experienced therapists are required to demonstrate clinical competency in several areas of therapeutic treatment, evaluation, and treatment planning.  Ongoing mentorship and continuing education occurs for all Skills on the Hill therapists.  

Some examples of the diagnoses/deficit areas we commonly work with are: Dyspraxia (motor planning difficulties), hypotonia (low muscle tone), coordination issues, decreased postural control and poor balance, visual problems (perception, visual motor, ocular motor) and motor weaknesses, handwriting issues resulting from perceptual/motor deficits, sensory processing difficulties (discrimination/modulation of vestibular, proprioceptive, tactile, visual, auditory input), feeding difficulties (sensory and motor related), social skill difficulties, self-regulation problems, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and executive functioning problems, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Downs Syndrome, cerebral palsy, deficits with activities of daily living (ADLs) and self-care skills.

Our therapists have received training in the following areas: Interactive Metronome (IM), Integrated Listening System (ILS), Sequential-Oral-Sensory Approach to Feeding (SOS Approach), Therapeutic Listening Program, Reflex integration, Pediatric Yoga, Social Thinking Curriculum, The Alert Program for Self-Regulation: How Does Your Engine Run?, The Zones of Regulation, Sensory Integration & Praxis Test (SIPT), Sensory Processing courses (various areas and courses), and Floortime Approach/DIR.

Photo of Kristen Masci


Kristen Masci, MS OTR/L, SIPT Certified


Photo of Jane Rutt


Jane Rutt, MS OTR/L, SIPT Certified

Staff Occupational Therapist


Rebecca Berick, MS OTR/L

Assistant Clinical Director

Photo of Cheranne Bennett


Cheranne Bennett, MS OTR/L

Director of School Operations

Photo of Nicole Corriveau


Nicole Corriveau, MS OTR/L

Staff Occupational Therapist

Photo of Sharon Goodwin


Sharon Goodwin, MS OTR/L, SIPT Certified

Staff Occupational Therapist

Photo of Samantha Stern


Samantha Stern, MS OTR/L, SIPT Certified

Assistant Clinical Director

Photo of Kristen McLaughlin


Kristen McLaughlin, MA OTR/L

Staff Occupational Therapist

Photo of Alexis Kimmelman


Alexis Kimmelman, MS OTR/L

Staff Occupational Therapist

Photo of Jennifer


Jennifer Coyne, MS OTR/L

Staff Occupational Therapist

Photo of Amanda


Amanda Rutter, MS OTR/L

Staff Occupational Therapist

Photo of GraceG


Grace Golojuch, MS OTR/L

Staff Occupational Therapist

Photo of Audrey


Audrey Awa, COTA/L

Staff Occupational Therapy Assistant

Photo of Grace Camson


Grace Camson, MS HCM

Manager of Practice Operations

Photo of Kelly Rosemond


Kelly Rosemond

Billing Manager