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Sensory Processing Disorder And Summer Heat 1

Heat Sensitivity and Kids with SPD

Most kids with Sensory Processing Disorder (aka SPD) have issues with temperature regulation. Now that SUMMER is officially here, the climate change could pose some concerns for parents. Yet, how do kids with SPD typically respond to a “hot weather”? How can we help them cope? Here’s a useful link to discover and understand this subject…  Heat Sensitivity and Processing …

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Merry Go Round Playground Blog 1024x685

Playground Equipment Boost Kid’s Vestibular System

The vestibular system is an important part of sensory processing and development that helps in maintaining balance and movement. It regulates the position of the head in relation to the body during dynamic activities or when at rest. Building up the vestibular system promotes better functionality and quality of life. Kids’ vestibular system could be improved in various ways, even …

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Outdoor Play

The Benefits of Outdoor Play

The warmth of summer is rushing in. School is over for most kids. Beaches, recreation parks, amusement centers, and other vacation sites are preparing for the surge of fun and playful activities for all ages. Both children and adults are surely excited planning for the much awaited summer break. Outdoor plays definitely make the list! Do you know that free outdoor play …

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Autistic Boy Restaurant Ubx2lk 1

10 Eating Out Tips for Autism Families

Eating out is always a great way to spend quality time with the family. But what if one or some of the members have different preferences, interests, eating habits, or behaviors? Read the article below to learn more on how to handle your kid with autism in restaurants, change the “atmosphere”, modify feeding or eating techniques, and experience a hassle-free dining! (nom! …

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