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“Crossing the Midline” – An important skill

Human brain is a very complex part of the body that facilitates coordination and regulation of body functions. It is composed of two main parts, the left and the right hemispheres. These vital sections are attached together through the corpus callosum, which is important in maintaining communication between the hemispheres and enabling various movements, such as handwriting, and learning. “Crossing …

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Pencil Grasp Development For Handwriting Square

Developing Grasp for Handwriting

Most kids were taught to use the “Dynamic tripod grasp” position, which involves the thumb, index, and middle fingers of one dominant hand. This is considered a stable hand position that allow the three fingers move the pencil in desired positions while the ring and little fingers are curled up inside the palm. However, not all kids follow or use …

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Sensory Garden

Understanding “Senses” in SPD

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), is a neurologic condition that affects the sensory systems of sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, movement, balance, and “interoception”. ¬†Typically in SPD, there is poor transmission and/or organization of information through body senses that impact function skills and the ability to learn. You might ask, “What is the significance of each senses?”¬†or “How does each body …

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Visual Spatial Awareness31

How to Improve your kid’s Visual Spatial Awareness

Have you ever wondered why some kids seem to be clumsy, move in an awkward manner, bump into objects or people, or unsure of his or her direction? These movements are actually related to visual spatial awareness, which is defined as the ability to perceive objects and one’s self in space. This systemic processing tells us how near or far …

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