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Pencil Grasp Basics – An Infographic

Handwriting problems are among the most common reasons why school children are referred to occupational therapy. A kid’s poor writing skills, legibility, and speed concerns teachers and parents. Not only does it somewhat affect the child’s learning process, but it also impact the level of achievement, and self-esteem. Some parents share their frustrations about the struggles of their children in …

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Things To Never Say To A Child With SPD

10 Things To Never Say To A Person With Sensory Processing Disorder

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) is characterized by overly disruptive behavior, frequent meltdown, and unpredictable tantrums. Individuals suffering from SPD demonstrate hyper sensitivity to a particular stimuli that triggers emotional dysregulation or fluctuating moods. Parents of children with SPD are often confronted by these explosive outbursts. Oftentimes, coping mechanisms are difficult to implement. Proper verbal response is very important. So when …

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Motivate A Child With Adhd 1 1

Tips in motivating a child with ADHD (stress-free)

Improving child’s motivation is a very important goal at home, in school, as well as in occupational therapy. Creating a very organized, yet predictable environment facilitates better performance and cooperation. In  this manner, children are more encouraged to actively engage or participate in given tasks. Parents, caregivers, or teachers do not have to worry about giving penalties or to feel …

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Ayres’ Sensory Integration Therapy

Ayre’s Sensory Integration Therapy is a specialized strategy used in OT that addresses sensory integration and processing issues affecting one’s learning, emotions and behavior. This sensory integration (SI) approach is based on family-centered intervention plan, which allows more involvement or collaboration of the people working or dealing closely with the kid. Not only does it provide a safe, accessible environment, …

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Learning Hierarchy: The Role of Sensory Systems

Academic learning and achievement are paramount to a child’s education. The sensory system plays an important role in promoting learning and overall development at home and in school. Parents and educators are encouraged to employ strategies and activities that integrate the senses to maximize learning and obtain better academic performance. Below is an informative article that explains the learning hierarchy …

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