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PT (Physical Therapy), OT (Occupational Therapy), ST (Speech Therapy): What’s the difference?

A lot of people are often mistaken by the definitions, descriptions, and/or nature of therapeutic interventions. In reality, PT, OT, and ST have specific concentrations and techniques that help individuals improve functions and optimize performance in the best way possible. There are some cases whereby one therapeutic approach is co-dependent with another. It is also common to have a stand alone …

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Top 10 Tips For Avoiding Sensory Overload During Thanksgiving

Best Tips to Avoid Sensory Overload During Thanksgiving

Indeed, Thanksgiving is one of the most awaited special events every year! In general, kids are very excited and hyped up. Holiday celebration is fun, but it could be overwhelming too. For a child with sensory processing disorder, overstimulation of their senses (e.g. sights, sounds, smell, and even large crowd) could result to unwanted meltdowns. Still, we want to make …

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The Benefits of Floortime Therapy

Floortime, a therapeutic strategy or alternative approach introduced by Dr. Greenspan, promotes active participation of parents to a special kind of child’s play. It does not only allow fun time for both parent (or therapist) and kid, but it also facilitates social interaction, problem solving, sensory regulation, and other related developmental benefits. Floortime promotes better relationships significant to learning process …

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W Sitting Truths From The Experts

Truths and Myths about W-Sitting

A lot of kids just love to sit on their bottom, both knees bent, legs turned away from the body, and with thighs or knees spread apart or close to each other. This is known as “W-SITTING”. Most children find this position very comfortable especially while playing toys, watching tv, or doing random activities on the floor, hence they prefer …

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