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Perfect Xmas

The 12 Do’s of Christmas for special needs parents

CHRISTMAS season is certainly one of the busiest time of the year. Parents and families are caught up in the excitement as they shop for gifts, prepare meals, and fix or decorate the house to really spice up the occasion. Organizing and planning time is increased. Some people actually tend to overthink the Christmas events that they lose track of …

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What to Do When Your Child Refuses to Put On Winter Clothes

As a parent of a child with SPD, Autism, or ADHD, you’ve probably wondered about some notable behaviors of your kid especially in the winter time.  When the cold season starts, kids are typically extra impulsive, hyperactive, or restless. They often complain or become repulsive to any suggestions or instructions. Performing daily chores or following routines could be quite challenging …

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Calming Anxiety in Children

For many, managing anxious kids could be quite challenging.  They seemingly demonstrate great signs of worry, nervousness, and discomfort. They just react excessively from any sensory stimuli they find irritating, painful, or intolerable. Hence, families, parents, and caregivers, including other individuals closely working or engaging with kids have to implement specific strategies to avoid any meltdowns or unpleasant behaviors. Health …

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