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Strategies For Kids Who Cannot Sit Still

We all would probably agree on this – kids just love to play, run around, do an activity randomly and jump to another one, without getting tired – or so we thought. Most of them just could not bear the thought of staying in one spot for more than 2 minutes. Well, parents or adults chasing these energetic and active …

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Sensory-friendly Sleep Tips for Kids

For most families with kids, bedtime is the most anticipated time of the day when playful, active little ones are finally settled and put to sleep. Parents are able to catch their breath and enjoy the brief moment of quietness and relief. However, children with sensory processing issues is a different story. They usually display typical restlessness and resistant to …

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“Brain-Building kid activities for Valentine’s Day”

Valentine’s Day is a day of the year when we demonstrate our affection to loved ones in a very special way. Most people usually send cards, flowers, gifts, and other tokens of appreciation to those who are dear to them. Some children play their imagination and creativity by writing love letters, making personalized cards, or doing some arts and crafts …

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It’s MOVIE Time! Sensory Friendly Films are here!

Most people love watching movies. A bucket of warm popcorn, or a tasty hotdog, and a big soda or refreshment makes the movie more exciting and entertaining. Others go to movie theaters to relax, unload stress, release anxiety, and just have a good time. Some kids find it enjoyable as well. Movies stir different emotions, test or amplify our senses, …

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