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Join the “Kids Obstacle Challenge” in Washington, DC on June 2, 2018!!!

Are you looking for a different adventure and fun activity for your kids ages 5-16 years old? What about some outdoor obstacle course races with other kids? Does a “Free Run” for parents interest you? If you need that extra physical activity for the whole family, great family bonding, and unforgettable experience for the kids – this event is for …

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Vision Therapy

The Benefits of Vision Therapy

Normal eyesight, optics, and range of view dictates the perception, cognitive ability, quality of movement, and good functionality of a person. When sensorimotor problems affect one’s vision, poor mental processing or weak execution of actions are evident. Over the years, researchers and health practitioners worked towards finding another alternative to correct vision apart from wearing prescribed glasses or undergoing an …

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Article AspergerServiceEligibility2

IEP or 504 Plan?

Eligibility for services in school and community has always been a very popular discussion and argument. While leaders in our country continue to seek ways to provide the best and appropriate services for the special education, debates regarding qualifications and requirements for various programs are still ongoing. Free trainings, seminars, and informal classes are some avenues that promote education and …

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The Power of Hugging

For most people, hugs are truly essential because of that sense of warmth, comfort, and security it provide. Some experts believe hugs could actually make you feel better and even alleviate some pain in your body (e.g. physically, emotionally, psychologically) when sincerely felt or received. For babies and infants, hugs play a very unique position in brain development and intelligence. …

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