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Is It Behavior Or Sensory Processing Square

Is it Behavior or Sensory Processing?

Some people are often confused about their child’s action and behavior. For instance, they could throw a fit for no reason. There may be times when kids exhibit an odd behavior or visible signs of discomfort when they see, hear, smell, feel, or taste something unpleasant. Past experiences could determine potential thoughts and actions as well. Though it is greatly …

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Sesame Place Designated As A Certified Austism Awareness Center 2

Sesame Place: First Certified Autism Center Theme Park in the World

In our previous blog, we featured the newest Sesame Street character named Julia, a muppet with Autism. Indeed, the general audience certainly welcomed “Julia” with much love, warmth, and support. Recently, Sesame Street has added to their list of accomplishments the title – “First amusement park in the world designated as Certified Autism Center”. Sesame Place in Langhorne, Pennsylvania was …

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What If My Child Can T Use A Normal Grasp Orig

“Pencil Grasp”

How a child holds and uses a pencil is one of the fine motor skills that follows a developmental sequence. Bone structures and muscles of the shoulders, arms, and hands contribute significantly to an efficient pencil grasp. Multiple resources, strategic tools, writing preparatory materials, and technology are made available to parents and educators to help build this essential skill. Although …

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Ot Month2 1 E1522696653672

APRIL is OT Month!!!

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY MONTH April is a special month for all Occupational Therapists and OT Providers in the country. We recognize their efforts to provide necessary intervention and activities to facilitate better functionality and body training in various setting. When a certain medical condition, injury, diagnosis, or situation seems to challenge our skills and daily routine, Occupational Therapy serves as the …

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