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Summer Developmental Activities For Kids Square

Summer Developmental Activities For Kids

SUMMER is officially here! Some families are busy planning for vacation trips, outdoor entertainment, and other exciting adventures. While most people would like to travel and enjoy summer heat, there are several fun indoor or home ideas forĀ children and parents to do together. As a matter of fact, it is a good opportunity for children to exercise those large and …

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Help Your Child Sit Still at School


Previously, we featured an article about common reasons why some children cannot seem to sit still in class. Today, we will share some tips to address this issue. Getting a student’s attention, engaging them in daily lessons, and making them receptive to learning could be very frustrating for teachers at times. Having students who seem restless, fidgety, moves constantly, and …

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Why Johnny Can’t Name His Colors

Have you ever wondered why some children seem to have difficulty naming colors? Do they understand the colors accurately? Some people might ask, “Are they colorblind?”, “Is it a vision problem?”, “Is it associated with learning?”, “Is color blindness hereditary?”. Well, a child’s ability to recognize different colors begins to develop typically around three years of age, and develop fully …

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