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2Minute Tutorial How To Teach Your Child To Tie Shoes

How to Teach Your Child to Tie Shoe Laces

Are you having trouble teaching your child how to tie his or her shoes? Learning to tie shoe laces is quite tricky for most children. This life skill requires a level of dexterity that begins to develop approximately five to seven year old. Instructing and coaching children about this very important fine motor skill could be frustrating for some parents …

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Rethinking Baby Food Pouches

Throughout time, baby food pouches have been a popular choice for supplemental feeding among young children. These are mostly pureed food like fruits and vegetable, which are typically added with other ingredients believed to enhance favor and provide nutrients. Its’ colorful and squishy packaging is certainly appealing and convenient for babies and toddlers. For some parents, baby food pouches come …

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Therapeutic Benefits Of Swimming

Therapeutic Benefits of Swimming

For most families, summer is the perfect time to be in the water. They head out to the pool or swim in the beach, play games, and explore water fun activities. Some parents would actually enroll their children in swimming programs/camps or get involved in aquatic therapy to introduce basic swimming techniques and develop this significant life skill ultimately. Experts …

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