Aquatic Programs

Did you hear that Skills on the Hill is adding aquatic therapy and adaptive swim to our list of services? Are you as excited as we are?! We have received an abundance of parent feedback regarding the need for this program and are truly looking forward to bringing dynamic aquatic services to our Skills family and beyond. Now the fun work begins - laying the foundation for this new program to offer it safely and in the most progressive way. Our therapists have undergone extensive continuing education and training to work with your children using the most current and research-based techniques that aquatic therapy and adaptive swim have to offer.   
Our program has officially launched in 2021, in partnership with Swim Angelfish. Click the button below to leave your information and hear more about enrollment and procedures for our aquatics program. 

Aquatic Therapy 

‣ Designed to meet therapeutic goals while taking advantage of the properties of water and therapeutic handling  

‣ Increase strength, endurance, balance, integration of primitive movement patterns, safety awareness, self-regulation, and overall body coordination to meet therapy goals  


‣ Delivered by skilled OT or PT trained in aquatic therapy 

Adaptive Swim lessons 

‣ Designed to meet individual swim goals, identify roadblocks, address challenges, help children meet swim skill benchmarks to assist in water safety, increase leisure skills, and overall swim skills in children


‣ Lessons are created for, but not limited to, those with anxiety, physical or sensory challenges


‣ Delivered by qualified OT or PT trained in adaptive swim

Skills on the Hill is a Proud Aquatic Partner with

The St. James Wellness Complex

Frequently Asked Questions

What are common goals of pediatric aquatic therapy?

-Improving muscle strength, endurance, balance and coordination -Improving flexibility and range of motion -Enhancing aerobic capacity -Assisting with locomotion -Improving self-regulation and reducing stress and anxiety -Working on community participation and social skills -Learning a new skill to carry over while on land -And more!

What does aquatic therapy at Skills on the Hill look like?

-One to one therapy sessions with a licensed physical or occupational therapist -A customized intervention plan that includes an initial aquatics assessment to set individualized therapy goals -Use of a multi-sensory approach using the therapeutic properties of the water to reach goals -Weekly sessions full of unique skill building opportunities to build confidence while having fun!

Who can participate in aquatic therapy?

Many children can benefit from aquatic therapy, but it is thought that children with physical and sensory differences may benefit the most. Some other common reasons parents may seek aquatic therapy: Children with motor difficulties such as: -muscle spasticity -low muscle tone -poor motor coordination -limited range of motion -Children with sensory processing difficulties -Children who seek a lot of sensory input -Children who are easily overstimulated or overwhelmed in busy environments -Children who have difficulty with their feet off of the ground -Children working on building confidence and/or social-emotional skills

When are sessions being held?

Contact us today via our initial contact or via phone at (571) 527-0818 for available slots.

Where are sessions being held?

Skills on the Hill will be hosting all aquatics programs at the St. James Sports, Wellness, and Entertainment Complex pool house.

Is aquatic therapy covered under health insurance?

We are considered an out of network provider. We bill the services as outpatient as either Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy, depending on which therapist provides the treatment.

What certifications do the Skills on the Hill instructors have?

The Skills on the Hill instructors have received training via Swim Angelfish. Swim Angelfish is the global leader in adaptive swim instruction. The company creates educational resources for the needs of the world’s adaptive swim lessons and advocates for the necessity of having specifically trained instructors for this growing population. For the last 20 years Swim Angelfish has been dedicated to reducing the drowning statistics by teaching children of all abilities how to swim safely and independently. The founders, Cindy Freedman, MOTR and Ailene Tisser, MA, PT developed an adaptive swim methodology (Swim Whisperers®) specifically designed to help children with Autism, sensory and motor coordination, anxiety, trauma, or simple discomfort in the water to become safe and independent swimmers. The Adaptive Swim Whisperers® certification program teaches you how to assess and identify roadblocks, and how to implement the correct strategy to overcome them. Our certification program strengthens your swim curriculum by providing you with an effective, time-tested toolbox to serve swimmers with special needs.

Check out the Swim Angelfish blog for free resources and webinars.