Ready for the pool?

Before you head to the pool, check out this social story that can be helpful to ease your child’s anxiety, and help prepare them for upcoming lessons. This video will introduce your child to the various equipment used and provide them with a visual schedule of what to expect in their lessons. This visual tool will help with your child’s transition into the water.

Health Screenings

For our health and yours, we ask that you fill out a health screening for each session that you have with SOTH. This will be sent to you prior to each session.

The St. James pool also has a health screening that can be done via their app and must be done prior to your session. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring for the child's session?

The child should have their own towel, swimsuit, and bottle of water.

Where should I meet my SOTH instructor?

Your SOTH instructor will be at the pool deck in the last lane. Please be ready and dressed in suit when meeting your instructor on the pool deck.

Where can the child change?

The St. James facility has family locker rooms available which include a bathroom and shower. Please keep track of your own belongings while using the facility.

Can I watch the session?

Yes! There is stadium seating available and seating on deck.

What safety precations are being taken due to COVID-19?

All therapists will be wearing face shield and child must wear their masks while they are not in the water. Also, you must complete the SOTH and St. James health screening.

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