Behavior Management ‘Tricks’

How sensory processing affects behavior

Now that kids are in full swing at school, managing behaviors can be tricky! Our kiddos are tired from working hard all day and sometimes they need a little help.

Sensory processing skills are consistently being used when we are required to function appropriately in the community. For example, if it is too loud, too cold, or there is too much auditory stimulation, even adults struggle to function. Some “behaviors” are actually related to underlying sensory processing difficulties.

It is rare that children behave inappropriately on purpose, and even outbursts that appear to be attention seeking can actually be sensory-related. For example, a child might think “my body feels uncomfortable and I need a hug, but I do not know to ask for it, so instead I will crash, flee, or bump into my friends because that makes me feel better”. In some cases, various behavior management techniques can also be helpful for managing challenging behaviors.

A local behavior resource

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Katie Holloran

Katie was recently a speaker at one of our weekly meetings. Thanks Katie!

Recommended reading

Below are some resources that might be helpful, but always consult your child’s therapist about what approach is most appropriate.

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