Clinic Re-Opening

Dear Skills Families,
We sincerely hope you all are doing well and looking forward to enjoying the summer weather. With summer comes summer scheduling changes at Skills on the Hill. We are beginning a partial re-opening of our clinics the week of June 22. We are following conservative guidelines from our national associations, CDC policies and procedures, and state requirements for businesses. We will be continuing teletherapy services for most patients and performing some clinic sessions for evaluations. We will gradually increase the number of clinic sessions based on developments with state and CDC guidelines and will announce changes as needed. Please note that we are continuing to submit claims for all teletherapy services directly to insurance. 

Summer Travel

Going away this summer? Please inform your child’s therapist if you have travel plans in advance. Depending on state licensure requirements, we may be able to conduct teletherapy appointments while you are away without interruption!  With advance notice, we can research individual state rules. Without further ado, here’s what going back to the clinic will look like for you!

Preparing for Your Session

  • Prior to in-person therapy, you must read and sign this form to acknowledging our new procedures:
  • Prior to each appointment, you will be asked health screening questions. This form will be provided by your therapist prior to the start of your session.
  • Talk to your little one about what he or she can expect. Things will look slightly different in the office and our process will be unique. Chat with your therapist to prepare for a smooth transition in advance. We are here to help.
  • Parents may be wondering how in the world they can get their child to wear a face mask! Check our our resources listed below for helpful information to consider when preparing your child.


Click here for a walk-through of what our procedures will look like at the Arlington, VA clinic:

Click here for a walk-through of what our procedures will look like at the DC clinic:

Parent Resources

Want a walk-through of our procedures that you can print out and go over?

For kids who don’t like wearing shoes or other tight-fitting clothing, parents may be wondering how they will teach and encourage their child to wear a face mask effectively. We’ve gathered some helpful information so that you and your child can learn about why we use face masks and how they protect us.

Click below for a fun activity to help your child get more comfortable with the idea of wearing a face mask!