Community Spotlight: Dr. Gallagher

Meet the Doctor from Northern Virginia Internal Medicine and Pediatrics: Dr. Gallagher graduated in 1984 from the University of Virginia. She completed her residency at Albany Medical Center as Chief Resident in her combined field of Internal Medicine & Pediatrics. Dr. Gallagher grew up and still resides here in Arlington with her husband and 5 children.

How much has your practice and pediatrics changed over these recent months? Dramatically. “Well,” people are afraid to come and “sick” are people who are really scared that they are going to die. Currently, three months later, people who haven’t left their house at all are trying to get tested. Their fear level is extremely high.

You have been serving families in Northern VA for a long time! Why do people love your practice? Because I am very familiar with families and I know all about them. I have treated them for many years, I often treat their entire family, and I am a good listener and remember details and stories they share with me,

What are your top three tips for parents right now?
Turn off the news get outside without a mask to exercise, be in your yard and hang out with family enjoy this time with family and do some fun things together

What is the latest guidance for wellness checkups and vaccinations? There is actually no guidance and all physicians are trying to figure this out and consult with one another. An increase in visits is slowly easing in, especially because people need physicals for school and camp. We are staggering appointments and people when they come in the office. Our waiting room is closed so we have people head directly for an exam room right when they arrive.

What guidance can you share for parents of children navigating making travel plans for the summer? We need to live. If you are going on a trip, plan where you will stop ahead of time for using the bathroom and for meals so you can make sure they are open and so you do not run out of fuel. Practice precautions with older family members if you visit with them. I do not think people should refrain from traveling if it is safe and possible.

How can we talk with our pediatrician or behavioral health provider about our COVID-19 worries and concerns? Just be honest and communicate with your physician. Any difficulties you might be experiencing with mental health is typical right now and is, unfortunately, our reality now. It is impacting sleep, employment, kids education. Your doctor already knows and it is important to be open.