Feeding Therapy

Toddler eatting broccoli

Why do we offer feeding therapy?

For most children, eating is a fun and routine part of each day. However, recent studies show that one out of four children typically experiences some type of feeding problem. Feeding issues can prevent children from eating enough to grow and develop. Skills on the Hill is proud to offer a comprehensive feeding program designed to meet the specific needs of the child. Our therapists will work closely with the family and caregivers to ensure the child receives the best care.


Feeding therapy is appropriate for children who: 

  • Are at risk for malnutrition or undernutrition 

  • Require nutritional supplements 

  • Have supplemental tube feedings 

  • Can eat by mouth but have weaning difficulties because of tube feedings 

  • Have swallowing difficulties or oral motor problems 

  • Have food aversions or display inappropriate behaviors that interfere with eating

  • Have difficulty transitioning to age-appropriate food textures 

  • Are challenged by eating/feeding utensils