Referral Process

  1. Phone call or email inquiry – we will obtain contact information, concerns about your child, and schedule an “intake phone call” with one of our assistant clinical directors.
  2. Intake phone call – our clinical director will ask question about your child to understand areas of concern, answer your questions about our services and how we can help, and explain the evaluation process. At this time we will also request your insurance information so that our billing department can verify benefits.
  3. We will send you intake paperwork and questionnaires that must be completed and submitted before an appointment may be scheduled.
  4. When we receive your paperwork, we will schedule an evaluation with your child.
  5. Our billing department will contact you prior to your first session/evaluation to review your benefits for occupational therapy services.
  6. The evaluation will last between 1.5-2 hours. Within two weeks, we will contact you to schedule a one-hour meeting to discuss the results and recommendations.
  7. If therapy is recommended and your family decides to pursue therapy, we work together to get sessions scheduled.
  8. Approximately one month following the start of services, therapy goals are developed by the therapist in a “treatment plan.”