What is PT and how can it help my child?

What is PT?

Pediatric physical therapists (PTs) work alongside children birth through school age with a focus on assisting them with their physical impairments impacting balance, coordination, quality of movement, mobility or age appropriate gross motor skills. The PT will tailor each child’s treatment based upon their needs and goals.

Family and client education are a vital component of successful treatment sessions and are utilized regularly throughout the course of a child’s treatment plan. Physical therapists utilize a team centered approach of care collaborating with physicians, community providers to secure medical equipment including orthotics, medical equipment and assistive devices as needed.We apply a child centered approach relying on family involvement to create an individualized treatment plan with functional based goals applicable to their home, community and school settings.

Pediatric physical therapists provide the following services to address patient oriented goals:  

Developmental activities • Movement and mobility • Strengthening • Motor learning • Balance and coordination • Recreation, play, and leisure • Daily care activities and routines • Equipment consultation and fitting • Tone management • Posture, positioning, and lifting • Orthotics and prosthetics training • Cardiopulmonary endurance • Pain management

Benefits of Pediatric Physical Therapy

  • Increased independence with functional mobility activities
  • Development of efficient movement patterns and posture
  • Increased conditioning and endurance
  • Increased stability and control during functional tasks and recreational activities
  • Improved ability to safely navigate home and community environments
  • Increased participation in recreational activities with family and friends
  • Increased success meeting developmental milestones