It’s Candy Corn Day!

Here are three ways to use extra Halloween candy corn to work on fine motor, visual perception, and visual motor skills development.

1) Sweet Halloween Race:

To promote fine motor grasp development and hand strength, use tongs or clothespins to transfer candy corn from the table into a cup or bowl. You can have races or timed trials in which the child tries to beat their individual time.

2) Draw a Candy Corn:

Work on pre-writing strokes and diagonal line formation to draw and color a candy corn while looking at the candy. Make sure the colors are in the right order top to bottom! Once it is drawn, you can eat the candy! Tip: You can assist the child in forming a triangle by drawing 3 dots to connect, having them trace the triangle, or providing a template for them to color.

3) Candy Corn Table Soccer:

Create a spooky midline and goals out of masking tape or other household objects. Work on fine motor skills to flick the candy corn to try to score on your opponent. If the candy corn stays on the table, you have superb graded control and can eat the candy at the end of the game!