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It’s MOVIE Time! Sensory Friendly Films are here!

Most people love watching movies. A bucket of warm popcorn, or a tasty hotdog, and a big soda or refreshment makes the movie more exciting and entertaining. Others go to movie theaters to relax, unload stress, release anxiety, and just have a good time. Some kids find it enjoyable as well. Movies stir different emotions, test or amplify our senses, or divert one’s attention from the real world (yet temporarily). For kids with sensory issues, watching a movie could either be a drag or a difficult task. Thankfully, some organization in our community collaborated with movie theaters to address this issue and developed ‘sensory friendly films’ that allow kids to watch movies more hassle-free. Autism Society and AMC Theaters share this mutual goal and continue serving families of children with sensory problems and other special needs. What a great experience they offer?! 

Please read article below and/or share with other families you know would be interested.

Sensory Friendly Films

(Credits to Autism Society)

– Kristen