Nifty in Nature: Get Connected

By: Grace Kelly, MS OTR/L and Kira Selden, MS OTR/L

Nature Mandala .::. Let’s practice mindfulness and find our inner artists in nature! Mandalas are an art-form translated from Sanskrit meaning “circle”. It is a circular geometric design with a center piece, that radiates outward to create a symmetric design. Use items in nature to create your own Mandala!  

It is time to explore your skills! See below for materials, instructions, benefits, and ways to change it up. Don’t forget to take a picture and share your creation with your therapist! 


  • Clear area to work 
  • Materials from nature (i.e. grass, sticks, rocks, flowers, leaves) 
  • Your creative spirit


  1. Gather 3-5 different materials in nature
  2. Find a clear space to work
  3. Place an item in the center and create a 3-ring design starting from inside and working your way out   

Activity Benefits: 

  • Encourages mindfulness, focus and attention 
  • Stimulates visual perceptual skills 
  • Promotes self-regulation  

How to Change it Up:  

  • Use only green materials 
  • Make a colored pattern  
  • Make your mandala bigger or smaller