Nifty in Nature: Get Sticky

Grace Kelly, MS, OTR/L and Kira Selden, MS, OTR/L 

We are a stick family, I got all my sticks with me! We are a stick family, get up everybody and sing! The weather has warmed back up! It is time to get back in nature. While you do, Skills has got you covered with a fun activity to make outdoor exploration therapeutic. In this activity, children will gather sticks and other materials from nature and make stick people that resemble the members of their family! 

See below for materials, instructions, benefits, and ways to change it up. Don’t forget to take a picture and share your creation with your therapist! 


  • Clear area to work 
  • Materials from nature (i.e. sticks, rocks, flowers, leaves) 


  1. Gather sticks and 1-2 other materials from nature (i.e. leaves, rocks) 
  1. Find a clear space to work 
  1. Use sticks to build stick people that resemble your family members  


  • Promotes body awareness 
  • Introduction to simple shapes 
  • Improves visual-spatial skills  

How to Change it Up:  

  • Build friends instead of family members 
  • Make a house 
  • Make pets or other favorite animals