Nifty in Nature: Nature Wand

by: Grace Kelly, MS OTR/L and Kira Selden, MS OTR/L

With a little bit of magic anything is possible! Create a wand using a stick and enjoy hours of fun becoming anything you want! These wands can be transformed into any type of play. 

See below for materials, instructions, benefits, and ways to change it up. Don’t forget to take a picture and share your creation!


  • Stick
  • Yarn/thread or string
  • Tape 
  • Materials from nature (i.e. flowers, leaves, bark)


  1. Find a stick and other materials from nature
  2. Wrap yarn/string around the stick
  3. Tape any other materials to make a design


  • Promotes fine motor development 
  • Improves bilateral coordination 
  • Encourages imaginative play 

How to Change it Up: 

  • Decorate with paint, markers, sequins, or other materials
  • Create pattern with the yarn
  • Create a wizard wand, dragon wand, magic wand, or princess wand!