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Building Social Skills While Social Distancing

By Paige Brown

“How do I keep my child connected and on track socially when we aren’t able to have playdates like we used to?” For our SOTH therapists, this has been one of the most frequently asked questions from parents, teachers, and other pediatric professionals since the beginning of this global pandemic.

Social distancing has been complex in a myriad of ways and, in particular, our children are missing out on experiences interacting with peers where they learn valuable skills like cooperative play, sharing of materials, picking up on non-verbal cues, and functional communication, to name a few! In response to this growing need, last fall we did a thing! SOTH partnered with Fun and Function to lead a discussion on how to build social skills from a distance.

Just in case you missed it, we wanted to reshare our first-ever IG Live event! We hope you will find a few tips and tricks in this presentation that will help you stay tuned in to your child’s social skill development, both over the summer and leading into the new school year.

Click here to rewatch our first-ever IG Live and learn more about Building Social Skills While Social Distancing!

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