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Free Printable: I am Thankful

Use this free SOTH printable to practice handwriting skills while reflecting on the things your child may be thankful for this season. It is always a great time to teach our children the practice of gratitude and reflection. Skill-building at it’s finest. Does your child get overwhelmed by all of his or her ideas or have a hard time thinking of even one? Gratitude is powerful, but it can be challenging to teach. Here are a few tips to help:

  • Give them an example of what you are thankful for and model gratitude regularly

  • Help your child organize their thoughts by giving them a category and zone in from there

  • Flip through a magazine and imagine what other people might be thankful for

  • Call a family member and ask them what they would choose

  • Create a family gratitude project, and work on your ideas over time

  • Tap into family traditions that have gratitude woven throughout them; explore other cultures’ family traditions and compare how they are similar or different than your own

...The time spent with you will be the real gift of it all. Something in and of itself to be thankful for. Happy Holidays from SOTH!

I'm Thankful For
Download PDF • 169KB

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