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Tips for Encouraging Babbling

Babbling is the one of the earliest attempts at spoken communication. Here are some ways you can encourage your little one to babble:

1. Imitate and repeat sounds that your child makes. You’re demonstrating that sounds can be communication!

2. Narrate your day. Talk to your child about the activities you are doing (“We are going to the park,” “It’s snack time!” or “You are holding the ball.”)

3. Converse with your child. Using good eye contact, respond to your baby’s sounds with conversation. (“Is that right?” or “I think so to!”)

4. Read a book or sing a simple song with your baby! The pictures/rhythms are engaging.

5. Play! Pick a toy and talk about what it looks like, what it can do, what sounds it makes, etc. while you play together.

Which one will you try today? Listen to all those sounds your baby makes – that’s communication!

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