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Visual Perceptive Downloadable Worksheet

Figure-ground skills are related to the ability to locate pictures or items within a larger background. Adequate skills in this area are needed to pick out words from a text, locate a specific item in your desk, and find your backpack in the classroom. Here are some other ways you can work on figure-ground skills at home:

Laundry Fun: Locate and match socks from a laundry basket or full drawer

Scavenger Hunt: Give a list of items for students to find around the house focusing on busy, crowded areas (shelf, drawer, pantry, refrigerator)

Hidden pictures: online or in a book. Check out this Highlights resource to get started!

Occupational and physical therapists use all sorts of tools to support students at school! It looks like someone spilled all the equipment! Can you help find all of the tools on the list so that kids can use them again?

Download the worksheet here:

Search and Find School Supplies
Download • 2.01MB

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