Filling the Gap

School Skills Boosters

With the shift to online learning environments for school this fall, many parents are left wondering how will we do it all? While performing the delicate balancing act of managing busy work schedules, household needs and emotional support to their children, parents are now also required to embrace a new era of homeschooling. Nervous? Don’t be. Virtual learning may be tricky, but Skills is here to help.


Skills on the Hill offers a variety of support options to keep children and parents on track while managing our new normal. Our menu of in-person and virtual enrichment offerings are carefully designed to fill in the online learning gaps for your family. School Skills Boosters focus on ensuring foundational skill areas stay sharp in order to support continued learning and school preparedness for children of all ability levels. Our uniquely qualified therapists will support your child’s development (while having fun!) in areas such as: 

  • Social skills and emotional regulation 

  • Attention and focus 

  • Organization – planning, analyzing, problem-solving 

  • Fine motor development & handwriting instruction 

  • Visual-motor skills & reading readiness 

  • Body coordination and gross motor strength 

  • …and more! 


We are offering a variety of in-person and virtual support programs to meet your unique needs. Click the group you are interested in for more information and to register today!

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