Speech-Language Therapy

Skills on the Hill offers speech-language therapy services at our Arlington, VA location. Speech and Language Therapists work with children to address developmental differences that impact participation at school, home, and in the community. Speech therapists address aspects of language that allow for effective communication. For a child, communication challenges might include articulation errors, language output, language comprehension, word retrieval, and working memory. The main goal of speech and language therapy is to help children communicate with peers and adults, as well as understand and interact with them successfully. From developing skills to increase vocabulary, to enhancing the ability to go back and forth within conversations, our SLPs support children of all ages on a wide range of skills.

Areas Addressed in Speech-Language Therapy:

  • Language disorders can impact the formation of words, sentences, and sound combinations as well as content (meaning) and function (social pragmatic language).

  • Articulation difficulties are characterized by sound substitutions, omissions, additions, or distortions that diminish a child’s intelligibility when speaking (e.g., a child who says “ton” for “sun”).

  • Fluency difficulties are characterized by an interruption in the flow of speaking, marked by atypical rate, rhythm, and repetition of sounds, syllables, words, and/or phrases. Fluency issues can sometimes present as a stutter.

  • Hearing disorders result from impairment of the auditory system can cause problems in detection, discrimination, identification, comprehension, and perception of auditory signals.

  • Voice difficulties are characterized by abnormal vocal quality due to deficits in pitch, volume, resonance, and/or duration.

Boy with glassed reading