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Therapeutic Day Group

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Continuing as SOTH's hallmark summer programming, this intensive therapeutic day program is offered each year as a joint venture with Capitol Kids Speech Therapy in Capitol Hill. Designed for children ages 5-8 years, the Therapeutic Day Group runs for one 6-week session, meeting 5 days a week from Monday through Friday. The program focuses on important foundational areas in early childhood learning such as social -emotional development, fine & gross motor skills, auditory processing, speech-language skills, oral motor skills, and sensory processing abilities. 


  • Individualized goals for each child developed and tracked during the program

  • Comprehensive report provided to parents at the conclusion of the program with an in-person conference

  • Integration of therapeutic programs such as The Alert Program, The SOS Approach to Feeding, and Social Thinking Curriculum

  • Combination of structured and unstructured activities and a regularly occurring daily schedule 

  • One weekly community excursion activity

  • Parent orientation prior to the start of the program

  • Weekly blog for parents to see pictures from the day and see what children are doing

Program details will be made available Winter 2022. Check back soon or contact us for updated information.

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