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Summer Duos are here! These weekly therapy intensives are perfect for children that benefit from peer work, but thrive in a small group setting. These OT/PT/SLP therapy dyads are offered on a case by case basis and are formed according to priority areas of focus identified by both caregivers and therapists. Contact your therapist today to see if a Summer Duo intensive would be a great fit for your child to take his or her skills to the next level over the summer months!

  • Daily therapeutic activities that focus on carryover and generalization of skills

  • Use of a sensory integration approach that is child-centered and strengths based

  • A low child to therapist ratio to ensure individualized attention while skill building

  • Weekly themes offered to help spark creativity and imagination!

Click here to learn more about Sensory Integration Therapy and how your child can benefit!

Email for more information or contact your primary therapist to ask if a Summer Duo could be a good fit for your child!

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