Teletherapy at Skills on the Hill

Girl using a laptop

In an effort to continue to serve our community, Skills on the Hill is now expanding services to include TeleTherapy. We are using the Clocktree platform to see clients and their families from the comfort of their own homes via the internet. With constant changes happening as the situation with COVID-19 evolves, know that we are doing our best to continue to serve our clients. We truly believe in the importance of continuous and consistent therapy and have found a way to bring that our clients via Teletherapy. 

Our social media accounts will continue to have the most up to date information on updated policies, procedures, and status of operations.  In addition, our Facebook and Instagram pages are providing “6 Ways to Play” every day to give families ideas for using common household objects in a therapeutic manner.

If you have questions, please email your therapist or  If you need or want support from us that you do not see listed, please ask!

Below is a list of some of the services Skills on the Hill can offer via Teletherapy or virtually to current and new clients.  Don’t see something that exactly fits what you are looking for?   Complete our TeleHealth Inquiry form and we can talk more about it over the phone.  Skills on the Hill is built on the premise of customized intervention and we are happy to make something to fit your needs.

  • TeleTherapy for occupational therapy – if appropriate, we will provide a fine motor kit for home to augment 

  • TeleTherapy for speech-language therapy

  • TeleTherapy for feeding therapy

  • TeleTherapy for physical therapy 

  • Quarantine Survival Schedules (We will work with you to come up with a schedule that fits your family and their needs during the quarantine, chocked full of therapists tips, tricks, and activities)

  • Virtual Parent Coaching Consultations (Call us into your home virtually to observe your child and get feedback from a therapist.  This includes custom materials/visuals made for you and your child)

  • Virtual Parent Education Consultations (Want to know more about a specific topic related to occupational, physical, or speech therapy? Schedule 1:1 time with a therapist to have all your questions answered.  This includes custom materials/visuals made for you and your child.)

  • Virtual IEP Review Consultations (If you have an IEP meeting coming up and you would like a fresh set of eyes to look over your child’s services, we are happy to help walk you through reports and help make recommendations)

  • Compensatory therapy services to makeup for missing services at school.  While we are unable to bill school districts for this service, we are able to provide TeleTherapy services following current IEP goals and objectives.