Teletherapy Myths Debunked

By Amanda Simmons, MS, OTR/L

You asked, we answer! Read more for the top 4 questions our clients inquired about when exploring if teletherapy was right for their families. We are proud to announce that the majority of Skills on the Hill families are continuing therapy virtually during this time of social distancing. We are so proud of our SOTH community and so thankful to YOU for trusting us to support your child’s needs.  

Myth: Teletherapy doesn’t work 

Fact: Teletherapy can work! There are challenges faced, but they are surmountable. Pediatric therapists are especially equipped to work with families to provide treatment that is meaningful and adapted to each specific need. Research shows that Teletherapy is an effective method of treatment.  

Myth: It is better to just wait and see my therapist in person 

Fact: A consistent, therapeutic relationship is the foundation for successful therapy. Whether your child connects in person or via screen to their therapist does not matter – children make the most progress when they are comfortable, secure, and well-attuned to their therapist. Keeping a consistent routine for your child is very important to the overall success of their therapy career. 

Myth: My child will not learn from teletherapy 

Fact: Teletherapy provides a unique opportunity for caregivers and therapist to work together to see how each child learns best. This increased collaboration makes it more likely that each child can succeed on screen.  

Myth: Insurance will not cover teletherapy   

Fact: Checking with your teletherapy provider is a great first step. Many insurance companies are providing coverage for teletherapy due to the COVID-19 social distancing precautions. You can also make a call to your insurance company to double check your benefits. 

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