Skills on the Hill proudly offers pediatric therapy by providing occupational, physical, and speech-language therapy to families in the Arlington, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. areas. We are very proud of the services that we provide families and here you'll find words from past and current clients and their experiences with our expert staff members from the front desk to each therapist in our family. We invite you to read their statements and share in our Skills on the Hill Community. 

Mother of Child receiving Occupational Therapy

It is rare to feel entirely heard and understood. But that is how I felt from the moment I connected with Skills on the Hill, and it is how I have felt in each interaction since. Every step of the way, every question I have had has been answered thoughtfully by SOTH therapists and staff. As early as my initial inquiries, in which I described the challenges my child was facing, every single person I have met has been amazing: kind, caring, warm, and professional. I knew that we had finally found the help and answers we had been seeking for so long. Connecting with SOTH has been life-changing; I feel so supported, and I am very grateful.

A Letter to Ms. Kira an Occupational Therapist

Hi Ms. Kira,


I wanted to thank you for your patience and warm and gentle demeanor with my child during class. She has made huge strides in your class. As you know, today she raised her hand to answer your question about the weather, gave a thumbs up for being ready, said a little bit more during "What's the News," and did the yoga poses on camera!!! These are all things that are a HUGE struggle for her because of her anxiety issue. She has actually never raised her hand to answer a question, never given a thumbs up when asked, and this is only the second time she has done yoga or physical activity in front of the camera or another person. The first time was last week in your class. 


We have been working on her brave voice since she was about 3 years old with a therapist. We didn't realize that she struggled with people looking at her during physical activities like dancing or yoga until later. 


Last week and today I had a prize (barbie) ready for her if she did the yoga in front of the camera. I have tried offering her other prizes before for this but I think it finally worked because she feels really comfortable with you as a teacher. When I asked her if we should sign up for the second set of classes, she wanted to make sure that you were going to be her teacher :)


Thank you so much!!!

Mother of Child receiving Occupational Therapy

My child, as most pre-K children, does not know how to ask a good question, pay attention, and patiently listen to a person who talks to her. Ellen encouraged my child to be patient and attentive when listening to others. The class was extremely useful. Having these skills is the first and the most important first step to success in kindergarten.

Mother of Child receiving Occupational Therapy

Skills on the Hill is the best! We had lots of questions and no answers from others. Kristen taught our child the tools needed for success and gave us the information we needed to support our child at home every step of the way. Everyone we worked with was smart, kind, patient, informative, and communicated so well with my child and me. They truly cared about helping. And my child loved going! Thank you so much.

Mother of Child receiving Occupational Therapy

Hi Kristen, I wanted to shoot you a quick email to let you know how absolutely amazing we think Ms. Jen is. Harrison has been having some issues (acting out due to divorce, scared of the fire alarm at school, scared of the bathroom at school, etc), and Jen has jumped in to help in ways I never could have imagined.  She has gone above and beyond to chat and email with me about strategies and suggestions, and spent a big portion of today’s session helping Harrison write a story about the fire alarm issues and what his triggers are.  I’m already seeing vast improvements and I’m sure Harrison’s teacher is going to be thrilled with his progress as well. Just thought you should know how amazingly helpful she’s been and how lucky we are to have her helping Harrison (and me!).

Mother of Child receiving Occupational Therapy

We wanted to show you the writing Alex did the other night that we were SO SO proud of.  He was just quietly doing his homework (which is amazing in itself !) when Scott came over to mention it was time to get ready for bed and saw the PARAGRAPH Alex had written all on his own without any help.

I almost shed a tear when I saw.

I can’t help but think of all the work you have put in with Alex is helping him with forming letters, sentence structure, stamina, correcting his mistakes, getting over all the mental challenges of writing, etc etc etc. We see this paragraph as a huge symbol of what Alex has accomplished with your consistent help. Just wanted to say a big thank you for all that you do

Letter from Client