Skills on the Hill proudly offers pediatric therapy by providing occupational, physical, and speech-language therapy to families in the Arlington, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. areas. We are very proud of the services that we provide families and here you'll find words from past and current clients and their experiences with our expert staff members from the front desk to each therapist in our family. We invite you to read their statements and share in our Skills on the Hill Community. 

Skills on the Hill is a nurturing environment that obviously cares about helping kids. We have had therapy elsewhere and Skills on the Hill is definitely superior. I am so grateful and blown away by my son's progress. We started PT with Ms. Gopi less than a year ago and he has improved by leaps and bounds - literally. She has been incredibly caring and proactive in recommending next steps, such as increased weekly sessions and even water therapy. The water therapy has been incredible and I see my son's confidence and capabilities growing daily! Ms. Ellen, our OT therapist, has helped my son's hand strength and writing skills vastly improve, among other things such as balance and body awareness. And my son looks forward to his sessions each week. He is also in school and, thanks to his extra care at Skills, he has not had any problems keeping up. During our short time at Skills, he has started navigating steps by himself, balances better, jumps higher, writes better, swims, swings, and countless other daily actions! It is wonderful to have a knowledgeable and caring support system clearly committed to my son's progress. Thank you!

- Jennifer San Pietro, Mother of Patient


I cannot say enough positive things about Skills on the Hill.  Our child has received occupational therapy there for several years and has made so much progress.  During the pandemic, SOTH set up "booster" programming for kids who were out of school, and they also run a top-notch summer camp and therapy programs, among other offerings.  They are always thinking creatively about how to meet the needs of the kids they serve.

Kristen and her staff are professional, communicative, and skilled at engaging kids. They do so with clear energy and a love for what they do. They go above and beyond and will readily connect with other treatment providers or school providers to collaborate on care.

- Brynn H, Mother of Patient


Skills on the Hill (SOTH) has been a fantastic resource both before and during the pandemic. The staff has always been exceptional and create individualized treatment plans for my kid. My kid has always eagerly anticipated SOTH appointments. SOTH staff seek to work in tandem with my kid’s teachers and with my goals- I’ve always felt like a valued partner in their treatment plans. They are receptive to my input and value my opinion.

SOTH has been spectacular during the pandemic. They held in-person booster programs to support and build upon virtual learning. My kid’s academic and social skills benefited greatly. Moreover, these programs continued during the summer and were fantastic. My kid scooted as fast as possible to SOTH summer camp and told me countless stories of the activities. SOTH’s creativity was amazing- the games they used to reinforce good listening, turn taking, patience, etc. were seemingly endless.

As a parent, I look for providers who seek to form a personal bond with my kid and communicate effectively. Skills on the Hill excels in these areas.

- Andy McKinley, Father of Patient