Your Voice…Amplified

Caregiver feedback is our most powerful tool in sharing the good word about the progress our client’s are making at Skills on the Hill! We love to hear your stories and see your photos! A very special thank you to all of the caregivers whom have sent us emails, left notes and called to stay connected and keep us informed. Now, more than ever, your positive feedback energizes us and gives us continued fuel to be as creative, engaged and attuned to your child as possible – even from a distance! Keep the good news coming. We thought we would share a few to put a smile on your faces, too.

My husband and I have been thrilled with our son’s speech tele-therapy classes with Skills on the Hill.  We were concerned that his inability to attend speech therapy at school would stall his progress in speech.  Our neighbor recommended that we contact Skills on the Hill since they were continuing to hold therapy sessions online during this pandemic.  Our son’s speech therapist immediately figured out what our son likes (video games, down to the specific games and characters) and incorporated these interests into intricate speech games, coming prepared with different games each session to keep his attention, focus and interest (which is not easy with my son!).  In addition, our therapist also has used technology, such as a green screen, to also capture our son’s attention.  I cannot be more impressed with our speech therapy sessions, and would certainly recommend these sessions to parents seeking speech therapy.”

-S.M., proud 7 year old mom

Laura Ironman, SLP during a speech teletherapy session / April 2020

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